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Cake making day!

on September 16, 2005

Well as the baby is showing no signs of wishing to emerge just yet (4 days to go), I thought I might practice making christmas cake today. I’ve got a new recipe involving figs and pistachio nuts – and marsala but I’m putting brandy in because I don’t have marsala and it’s not worth buying for one cake. Hopefully this will turn out better than the panforte last week. The Engineer doesn’t like traditional Christmas cake (!) so if this is good it’ll be what I do my parents this year. Although I’m not convinced he’ll like figs any more than he does raisins really. I can post the recipe if people are interested.

Yesterday our bed arrived, and so we spent all evening making it up. It seemed to take forever! and The Engineer was thoroughly miffed by the time we finished at half-ten. But it’s so nice and comfortable. 🙂 Much better than sleeping on the floor. My parcel from Blooming Marvellous still hasn’t arrived though, I’ve been waiting two weeks now. It’d be nice to get it before the baby gets here so I can wash the stuff.

This afternoon I have a midwife appointment to see how baby is getting on, and then I’m going to buy some green wool and knitting needles to make myself a hat to cover the hair loss which I’ve heard happens after birth. Which reminds me that I was trying to find out why the bath wasn’t draining properly yesterday, and I found approximately a wig’s worth of my hair down the plughole!!! (there’s no grating to stop it so you can collect it easily, annoyingly) Bearing in mind that you don’t lose much hair at all in pregnancy, and I have been pregnant for all but two weeks of us living here… if I weren’t, there would probably have been enough for three wigs down there!

So anyway, it’s quite a busy day really, and now I have to go and remove the bedding from the washer. We got it out of storage yesterday and discovered that a mouse had passed through at some point (it’s been in the box for over a year because we very rarely use single bedding) and left some gifts. So I’ve washed it as hot as I dare. At least the mouse wasn’t still in there!


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