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Interview and baby

on February 8, 2006

Questions from the_vixxmeister

1. Why don’t you seem to like the idea of settling down in one place for long?
It’s not so much that, it’s more that we haven’t really lived anywhere yet where we’d both be happy to settle. Here the problem for both of us is the language – or rather the dialect! The Engineer doesn’t like the UK and although we both loved Belgium he couldn’t get a job there. But I would like to settle somewhere eventually.

2. Where is the ‘best’ place that you’ve lived, and why?
I loved Madrid actually. That’s definitely the best place I’ve lived, the people are so friendly and everything was very relaxed (for a city anyway). And it’s a big city and I am a city girl really, so it’s perfect for me. But TE’s a small-town person so Brussels is the best place the two of us have lived together. Capital city but tiny and with lots of greenery and woods.

3. How did you meet your husband?!
At university… I was seeing one of his mates for a while, thought TE was good-looking but didn’t really know him very well. The first words he ever spoke to me were “Fuck off”. Such a charming young man.
Then during the summer break I was bored so I got everyone’s emails and wrote to all of them and TE wrote back, and turned out to be really funny and smart and interesting. He wrote almost every day because he was bored too – long emails. But he fancied someone else, who he often talked about, so we were just very good friends the next term (and I fancied someone else then too), until I went off to Spain for a week and when I got back TE had decided that he was in love with me and that therefore I would never want to speak to him ever again. Not quite sure how he came to that conclusion. As you can see, he was wrong. 🙂

4. Why did you want to have children? (I really am super curious about this one!!)
I’ve always wanted to have children, couldn’t imagine not having them. I guess growing up we had my mum as a role model, and I always thought she was completely happy and enjoyed being a housewife and having lots of kids, so that was going to be my road in life too. I don’t usually like children very much to be honest, but babies are so cute and presumably if you love your baby to pieces when it becomes a toddler and a child you continue loving it.

5. Who is your fave Harry character, and why?
I *love* Remus Lupin. I know some people thought he was a bit whiny in HBP but I didn’t think so. Probably the same reason most people who like him do: because of the way he copes with what is basically a miserable and lonely life and yet he so rarely complains and he always has a kind word and is willing to give people a second chance and see beyond what other people see (think Neville). That to me is so admirable.

Questions from guiltyangel210
1) What was your favourite book when you were younger and why?
How much younger? Well for a long time it was “Merlin” by Stephen Lawhead, and for a while it was “The Crystal Cave” by Mary Stewart, which is also about Merlin. I liked the historical stuff about the Romans and Saxons and so on, and the magic and mystery and the knights-in-shining-armour. And actually the politics now I come to think of it, although I never knew at the time that that was politics (which I had always been told were boring). In the Lawhead version Merlin is a Christian (although taught by an ex-druid) and so all his prophecies and visions come from God of course, which is a nice idea although I imagine it was not the case really.

2) If you could have any other career in the world, what would it be?
The only career I’ve ever been interested in other than motherhood is interpreting, but for a while I did consider going to law school and getting involved in human rights advocacy. I’d still consider doing that if the opportunity arose. Human rights is one of the things I feel passionately about.

3) Where is your favourite place in the whole world and why?>
At the moment, in bed! I feel really short of sleep. Other than that, I have a lot of favourite places. I love Hull (which will sound very odd to anyone who’s been there!), probably because I lived there for four years and met and married TE there. And the people call you love in the shops, which is nice, and it’s small enough and there are “nice” places close enough to get to easily. When I go there it kind of feels like coming home.

4) Do you want more children? how many?
Yes! Two. But I may only be allowed one. *sigh*

5) What do you want to change about the whole HP series?
Hmm. I think it’s probably perfect as it is. I’d have made Harry more willing to accept or seek out adult input during OOTP, but then the storyline wouldn’t have been as good I suppose.

So… it’s official, Froglet can roll over by himself from back to front. I know this because last night he did so on two occasions, and then couldn’t get back onto his back so cried and woke me up and then wanted feeding. Poor littl’un. I really have to teach him to roll onto his back now!

According to the babycentre milestones page, only a few babies at the age of 5 months will already “mouth” objects. If this means putting them in their mouths to see what they are, it can’t be right, because he’s already doing it at four months and I’m sure the other babies that age I’ve known have done the same.

Homegroup is here tonight so I have to get going: wash my hair, bake, prepare the study and, last but not least, clean the house. I hate cleaning. *sigh*

We had our first trip to Luzern by train yesterday and it went fine
I have an excuse to make chocolate cake today!
The Engineer is coming home from England tonight… 6h and 40m to go!


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