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For all the HP fans!

on April 21, 2006

… And Transylvania have the Quaffle…
It’s Dominte – Cheia – Dominte again – passes back to Gherasim and oh! a good bludger from Stibbons – the Quaffle now with Weasley – Prichard – up the pitch towards Jackson – sorry I should say Sainsbury and – ooh that was a daring save by Jitareanu and it’s back to Cheia – Gherasim – Dominte – Gherasim…
He shoots! He scores!

And Transylvania are now in the lead with 490 points to England’s 350. The game has been going for nearly 8 hours now – will the team captains agree an end soon? Transylania certainly seem to feel it’s in the bag for them, looking relaxed as the game restarts, but the Quaffle goes straight to Ja- I mean Sainsbury and she streams up the pitch with it…

Look at the England seeker! He’s seen something! Hot on his tail comes Dondas – is it a Feint?
No – oh, maybe – ooh that must have hurt, he’s fallen off his broom! Looking a bit shocked on his back there… but YES he HAS the Snitch!

ENGLAND WINS thanks to the youngest Seeker ever! Who would have thought it? 500 to 490!

And this makes up for the defeat of 1994… the Transylvanian team aren’t looking too happy there – but England are through to the World Cup semis this time which means they’ll be facing France next month!

Now the photographers are crowding onto the pitch to get a shot of the youngest Seeker ever to play in a World Cup, standing in for an injured Harry Potter at the last moment – what a wonderful performance.
And he’s being carried off on a blanket, still clutching the Snitch and looking rather bemused I must say…

Image hosting by Photobucket

They think it’s all over – it is now.


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