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Letter meme

on April 30, 2006

(On a side-note, Froglet just found out what rattles do!)

This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

Should probably put this under a cut…

<lj-cut text=”Letter T”I was assigned the letter “T” by ravpadfoot

1. Tyckaert – the name of my fourth-year primary school teacher (pron: Teck-Art). We went on a school trip to the Alps for a week and she told me I had “a dog’s character” (in French obviously), which I felt was a bit unfair considering that we were all going to bed at past 10 pm and I was used to going at 8. Anyone going to bed two hours past their normal bedtime over a period of several days is going to be in a pretty touchy mood in my view.

2. Tiredness – my current constant. Mostly due to baby (actally exhaustion would be more accurate but I got the letter T not E).

3. True love – the wonderful husband I was blessed to find relatively young, and hope never to lose.

4. Travel – I dislike the act of travelling, whereas the Engineer loves it. But I like arriving somewhere. We’re travelling to England twice this year and probably to Italy, Germany and Belgium too.

5. Twenty-six – my age. Best age to be, until August that is. 🙂

6. Thief of Time – my all-time favourite book, by Terry Pratchett, one of my favourite authors. (If you’re a Christian and have read it, next time you do, check out how closely the Susan storyline parallels with Christian spiritual life. Pratchett would be horrified).

7. Teeth – not just Froglet’s but all teeth have it in for me! After wearing a series of braces (retainers) for most of my teenage years, and having two operations to make one of my teeth grow vertically instead of horizontally, I still have trouble with them, and even managed to bite my own lip not once, not twice, but THREE times in the last three days. One bite has progressed to ulcerdom. The other two are recovering. Aargh, teeth.

8. Tune – most of my family are good singers and my mum has a song for every circumstance. And I have to share the following story with you because some of you may be amused. There’s an old children’s song in the UK, which begins as follows: “Shopping, shopping, I’ll go shopping, with my purse and with my bag…” and ends with the line “Then so happy I shall be”.
Yesterday I sang it to Froglet. The engineer overheard the end, and I immediately realised it wasn’t one he had grown up with when he asked with a look of incredulity:
“I feel so happy I shall pee????”

9. Travail – this is the old-fashioned word for labour in the sense of giving birth, and comes from the French for “work”. Very appropriate in my experience, and I can tell you 24 hours is one long shift. It’s also the word used in old versions of the Bible for some types of prayer. Prayer as hard work, not a concept you come across very frequently.

10. Truth – this is an important one for me. People often say stuff along the lines of “truth is what works for you” or “truth is all relative”. I don’t think that’s accurate – truth can’t be relative or it wouldn’t be true. Perception of truth can be relative, for instance it appears that the Sun revolves round the Earth, rising in the West and setting in the East… hang on, no, it’s the other way round. Anyway, the actual impartial truth is that the Earth revolves on itself and around the Sun – our standing point skews our perception of the truth. Someone with the right tools (telescopes, maths etc) can show us the impartial truth and we can choose to believe it or not, probably based on whether we trust their tools or not. We may never see the proof of that ourselves, so we may question it from time to time. (How many of us have been in a place where we could actually see for ourselves – not through a TV screen or simulation – the earth revolving round the sun?) But even so, we choose to believe because it fits the rest of what we see or are taught.
A man once claimed that he knew the impartial truth and could share it with us; actually his words were “I am the Truth… you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”. In my lifetime I’ll most likely never see proof of all that he claimed – after all, how can you prove that someone did or did not heal ten lepers, only one of whom came back to thank him, 2000 years ago? Nevertheless I chose to believe him a long time ago. There have been plenty of times of questioning since then. But it always comes bck to the fact that everything I know about his teaching and life fits with what I see in my life and in the world now. So I continue to believe, and to pray that the truth will be known and will set us free.


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