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on May 17, 2006

So I’ve been given another letter to do, this time by alcalder.

Here’s the rule again: if you comment on my LJ entry here, then I will give you a letter to do in your LJ and you have to write ten things that mean something to you to do with that letter. Plus explanations if you like – obviously that’s the fun part really, unless you can write something really obscure and then amuse yourself watching people trying to guess why you picked that.

So here we go:
The first ten that come to mind are:

1. Mummy! Which is what Froglet is going to call me until he gets old enough to think it’s sissy. Then he can call me mum or mother, but not mumsy cos that’s just not me.

2. Mother. My mother taught me to read from about 18 months, for which I am extremely grateful because it’s what I enjoy most. She’s also a good friend and very similar to me in many ways. Or I’m like her. You know what I mean.

3. Mabel

4. Mud – so our “off-roader” pram (which we bought cos it was half-price rather than because we wanted an off-roader) has been off-road recentl. Whiah would involve mud. Which, apparently, would involve loss of steering ability in the front wheel. Surely mud resulting in a wheel that keeps getting stuck without there being any visible sign of mud-in-the-way is a major design flaw in an off-road pram?

5. Music. I just bought the Planets Suite by Holst. There’s only one that’s really good though, most of them are rather weird. I like Jupiter – which of course is the one everyone knows, it goes dah-da-DAH, dah daDAH da-dah dah DAH-da da-dah DAH-da DAH…

6. Moping – I seem to spend a lot of time just moping about on the internet instead of doing anything useful. Well, when the alternative is cleaning…

7. Mika. That’d be an obvious one. It’s short for Michaela btw.

8. Maybe baby – my period is late again. Eek.

9. McLaren Mercedes. I watched Top Gear last night and Clarkson drove one of these all the way from London to Oslo. That’s 1320 miles. A long way. He tried to do it all in one go (mad!) but had to stop for some kip just outside Copenhagen. BUT – this is amazing – he still beat the other two lads who were racing him, they were flying to Newcastle and then getting the overnight ferry up to Kristiansand and then a speedboat (mad!) on to Oslo, and he beat them by hours cos their speedboat broke down once and then just broke once, and they ended up in some coastal town in the middle of nowhere, the name of which they didn’t even know afterwards. Had the speedboat not broken down and fallen apart, the race would have been very close but my feeling is the lads would’ve won.

10. Misogyny. The Christian church is sometimes accused of being misogynistic, but on the internet I recently heard a fantastic sermon about women, partly based on the prophetess Anna (that’s early in Luke’s gospel) which boiled down to the following: if we do not allow women to hold positions of authority in church, then not only are we treating culture-specific Bible verses as if they were applicable to any culture and time, but we are leaving many people in the church frustrated because they can’t use their gifts, and also we are depriving the church of half its leaders, prophets, teachers and so forth. It was a great sermon so here’s the link (it’s an mp3 download, about 5 mb):

And I leave you with these two thoughts (not my own):

[The church is] not a group of people who got our act together, in contrast to all the people who don’t. We’re not a bunch of people who are holy, as opposed to all the people who are not. (…) Religion tries to make that what the Church is about, but it’s not. We’re not a bunch of people who’ve got all the right opinions about politics, how the government should run or what’s best for society or what laws should be passed, or what candidates should be voted on or what wars the US should or should not be involved in – we probably have all sorts of different opinions on all those topics and I don’t care! It really doesn’t make a bit of difference. The one thing that we have in common is a common faith in Jesus Christ – we are a community of faith!

A church is just a religious organisation, a religious version of the kingdom of the world, except insofar as that church, that body of people, look like Jesus Christ. An organisation, whatever it calls itself, is just an organisation except insofar as it looks like Jesus Christ. To the extent that it looks like Jesus Christ, it manifests the Kingdom of God; to the extent that it doesn’t, it’s just another version of the kingdom of the world. Any church, any organisation, any institution, any tribe, any nation, is just a tribe, an organisation, a church, a nation except insofar as it replicates Calvary, as it represents Jesus Christ – no matter what it calls itself!


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