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Prostitution at World Cup

on June 9, 2006

I don’t quite know how I feel about legalised prostitution, but it appears that Germany are going to be importing a whole bunch of (possibly unwilling) prostitutes for the World Cup – that’s today. I don’t know what they plan on doing with them once the WC is over, but anyway…

Please consider signing the petition at:

Women to be Trafficked as Sex Slaves to the World Cup in Germany

Your help urgently needed to stop this outrage . . . .

Dear Colleague,

I urgently need you to read this email regarding an alarming development in
Germany and then FORWARD IT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW who will help us prevent
this unfolding tragedy.

From June 9 – July 9, 2006, 12 German cities
will host the world soccer championship World Cup Games.

Approximately 3 million soccer fans – mostly men – will attend. With
official support from the German government, up to 40,000 young women will
be “imported” from Central and Eastern Europe into Germany to “sexually
service” the men.

These women come from desperately poor circumstances. According to reports,
most will not speak German. Most are being “sex trafficked” against their
. They are told that they are going to be models, waitresses, or some
other harmless occupation. Many will be brutally assaulted by intoxicated

Whatever their circumstances, each and every one of these young women is
someone’s daughter, a child of God and deserves our protection!

They DO NOT DESERVE to be exploited and sentenced to a life of misery to
satisfy the sexual appetites of soccer fans.

This is a massive assault on women and should be opposed by every Christian
and every person who believes in human dignity! What makes this crime
particularly appalling is the open support it is receiving from the German

a.. Prostitution is legal in Germany. But their legal red light districts
will be too small for the thousands of sport/sex tourists attending the
World Cup games. The German sex industry has erected a massive prostitution
complex for the “booming business” expected during the games.

b.. The Germans have already built a mega brothel in Berlin, right next to
the main World Cup venue to accommodate 650 male clients. Wooden “sex huts”
called “performance boxes” that look like toilets have been built in
fenced-in areas the size of a football field, with condoms, showers and
parking for the buyers and a special focus on protecting their anonymity.

c.. It is estimated that as many as 30% of the soccer fans will visit
prostitutes “at least once. Sexual activity on such a massive scale is
highly likely to spread STD’s.

We are urgently collecting names of concerned
individuals all over the world to be delivered to

a.. The German Mission to the United Nations,
b.. The German Embassy in the United States,
c.. The German Mission to the European Parliament,
d.. Our pro-family friends in the German Parliament.
e.. We will also send them to the governing body of the World Cup Games.

PLEASE do it now – the World Cup games begin today.


If everyone I’m writing to today responds as energetically as they can we
can conceivably deliver a final petition to the German government containing
MILLIONS OF NAMES from around the world.

And that’s the kind of massive effort it will take to prevent this crime
against 40,000 young women subjected to the horrors of prostitution.

ELSE WILL “TAKE CARE OF THIS PROBLEM.” Your voice does make a difference and
is urgently needed today.

Thank you! God bless you for your help. Please remember this vital mission
in your prayers.

Austin Ruse
President, C-FAM

P.S. To learn the latest about our urgent campaign to stop state-sponsored
prostitution during the World Cup games please visit our website at

PPS Go to to sign the petition NOW! And
send this message to as many of your friends and family as possible. We want
to swamp them with names of objectors to this awful and ghastly crime. Act


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