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on June 12, 2006

“They are smart. They are creative, they are committed. They have no regard for life, either ours or their own. I believe this was not an act of desperation, but an act of asymmetrical warfare waged against us.” – Rear Admiral Harry Harris, on Saturday.

“We had decided this was a safe person, free to be released, but we needed a country to send him to, and his despair was great enough and in his ignorance [because we hadn’t told him that he was going to be released] he went and killed himself.” – lawyer for some of the Gitmo prisoners, today.

Now, perhaps someone can explain to me how, exactly, the Rear Admiral’s comments make sense in the context that at least one of these men was (unknowingly) about to be released?

And then, maybe someone can also explain to me how it is that so many Christians feel that this sort of treatment* is justified, either under American law, international law, or the law of our God?

*by “treatment”, I mean:
– keeping people in the dark about charges pressed against them or not pressed against them, about whether or when they’re ever going to be tried or released, etc, thus leading them to despair, which leads them to take their own lives – lives that have VALUE to God!
– and then having the audacity to accuse them of doing it purely as a PR move because they’re only terrorists after all, in the full knowledge that in fact they were not “only terrorists” but were due to be released! (Because if there had been any proper proof of them being terrorists, they could have been tried and found guilty, rather than considered “safe” and scheduled for release)

Even George W Bush has said that he’d like to close down Gitmo now. I just don’t have words to describe how sad it makes me that it has taken him three whole years, and three lost lives, to realise that when God says “This is what pleases me: to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God”, this also applies to your treatment of suspected terrorists.

Shame on the US administration for waiting so long to even consider closing the camp, and on the UK government for not challenging them more strongly, when we knew what was happening was wrong both legally and morally.

Shame on those who think that when God says “for God so loved the world, he sent his only Son”, that there is some sort of clause in the footnotes along the lines of:
“but lo, when I sayeth ‘the world’, what I meaneth is verily the world minus those people who sow terror for who indeed could love them, even were they their own children? But lo again, when I sayeth ‘sow terror’ I do of course exclude those from Western nations who use bombs and planes and prison camps to sow terror for verily that doesn’t really count, especially if it’s done in My name, now does it? And in any case, thou knowest, mine love doth not extend all that far, even though it be insurpassable along with mine grace. And I myself being omnipotent, yet cannot find it in myself to extend love to these people who some say I creatd in my own image (but they are of course mistaken) and who are misled by mine enemy Satan (who existeth not, incidentally). I mean, there hath to be some limits, agree-est thou not?”

Shame on those throughout the world who call themselves Christians but show none of Christ’s compassion for others, when we’re all equally unacceptable in God’s eyes but for his grace. Do we forget that the Apostle Paul called himself “the worst of sinners” – even though terrorism existed also in those days? Yes, I do include myself in this category. Then shame on me also, for not wanting to forgive those who knowingly dishonour the reputation of the God I love.


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