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on August 8, 2006

Well, it was a very long trip to the doctor yesterday – over an hour. Good job I had the Engineer there to look after baby. (He is now baby’s favourite person again because he played with him non-stop for all that time)

I’ll try to give you the brief version. My hearing has got worse again – worse than it was in the first test too. It was -40, then -30, now -50. 😦 Still perfect in my left ear though. The doctor was surprised and somewhat concerned. He did me loads of balance tests (walking with my eyes shut) and a dizziness test which involves pouring water in your ear for 30 seconds with your eyes closed and then monitoring your eye movement to see how dizzy you are. It’s quite fun really.

right ear: literally no dizziness at all (with both hot or cold water)
left ear: extreme dizziness with hot, medium dizziness with cold (= normal reaction!)

So there’s something wrong not only with my hearing but also my balance centre (both in the right ear) meaning it’s probably a nerve problem. But he can’t see anything at all, infection or otherwise, so I have to go for an X-ray in Lucerne on Friday. Then we go on holiday, then I have another appointment after we get back, on the 28th, to discuss the results.

I’m back on the meds he gave me in the first month (when it got better), which appear to be corticosteroids and are for treating infection even though he can’t see any, but they clearly worked in the first month. Four days of that and then the X-ray.

Question for Sarah or BU (or anyone else who knows): is there any chance my wisdom teeth are involved in this? I had them taken out on the left side but they’re still in on the side which is having problems. So that’s my current theory/hope – but dental treatment is expensive here and not covered by insurance. Blegh.

ETA: Things I’m thankful for today:
Banana bread!
The Engineer being able to get off work yesterday to look after Froglet
Baby cows (They are so cute when they flap their ears! I may have said this last year too).

Oh also:
is my baby sister’s blog where she posts her artwork (mostly photo stuff right now it seems), in case any one wants a look. In the top photo on page 50 you can see the rest of my family (barring my sister in Romania), but those early photos aren’t very good, the more recent ones are the “proper” arty ones, I think she may just have done a course on using Photoshop. The girl who appears in a lot of the most recent ones is my second youngest sister, the one who stayed with me recently and is Froglet’s favourite. I’m sure none of you are very interested but just in case. 🙂


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