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In the outside garden

on June 8, 2009

Our gardens are really taking off now. We have had some setbacks with the nasturtiums – it seems like every time I would plant some out, there would be a storm, or just a little bit of wind or rain and they would all be knocked flat. Of the first five planted out, I think two are still alive. but after that, I planted out a further 15 or so, without waiting for them to get tall, and those are doing better. Clearly I should have put them outside as soon as they started rooting. The adverse weather seems to make them grow thick, strong stems and broad leaves, rather than the leggy stems and many small leaves that they were producing indoors.

The other plants are flourishing – I was wrong in my last post, it’s the marjoram that loves its new home and the oregano that is more subdued, but still contented. Both plants were roughly the same size on arrival, but the marjoram now reaches nearly to the top of the balcony railing, despite being pruned back, whereas the oregano has remained resolutely at ground level. I think it’s more of a ground-cover plant really. I’ve harvested quite a bit and hung it in paper bags for drying. Never done this before, I hope it comes out ok!

The strawberries are producing lots of flowers, several runners and a few green berries – I picked off many of the early buds as these are year-round producers and you’re supposed to pick the buds off till June, but then I gave up. They seem very happy anyway and are rapidly taking over the window box. Lovely!
I just went outside to check on the weeds and found a ripe strawberry! Small but completely red, so I brought it in anyway.

We also have a great many sunflowers in various spots, but I don’t know how well they will do, as they’re still very small when everyone else’s are several feet high already! Next year I must remember to get them started earlier.


5 responses to “In the outside garden

  1. Michelle says:

    Oooh I didn't know you were supposed to pick of the early buds…I'll have to remember that for next year. We enjoyed some of our strawberries today!!

  2. yoongz says:

    What a lovely little strawberry! i drove past a sign which advertised strawberry-picking, thinking to myself that's something we could do in the up coming weeks 😉 Maybe that can be our outing together – know any farms we can go to??

  3. Michelle says:

    I see…thanks for the tip!!

  4. oh I remember strawberry picking with a sigh…took my kids just before we left england, don't see that here, how funny about the oregano, I have found that whenever I grow that it flourishes – suppose it depends where you are as to what grows, I have never had a prob with lavender til we moved here and boy does it not like the sandy coastal soil, i mean who can kill lavender? err i can now

    thanks for poppin by from sits and hello to another expat brit


  5. Annette W. says:

    Lucky you to have strawberries! This year is my first garden. I didn't manage to buy any strawberry plants before places were sold out.

    I forgot to tell you…I LOVE your blog title. Every stay at home mom is a teacher of sorts, but I don't consider myself to be homeschooling. 🙂

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