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on June 11, 2009

In the two months this blog has been going, I have very seldom posted about my darling baby girl, probably because she doesn’t do anything very exciting compared to Froglet. So here is one just for her.

(Incidentally, our children are not really called Froglet and Nutmeg. I thought I’d mention it because when a friend first read the blog she didn’t immediately realise it was me, and just thought it was a very hippy expat mum who had a lot of the same interests and an odd taste in names!)

Nutmeg turned 4 months old on Tuesday. Isn’t she pretty? She can smile much better than that, but she doesn’t very often. She has blue eyes with a sweet brown streak in the top of one. I hope they stay that way.

This week she has learned how to screech. I’m keeping her away from my good ear, as her brother succeeded in taking out the now-bad one using this method when he was roughly her age. She screeches for fun and also when she has wind or is bored. That’s a lot of screeching!

When she can see her milk approaching – in the form of Mummy – she gets very excited and desperate, even if she was quite happy two seconds before. I left her with Zia (my sister) the other day while picking up The Engineer from work, and she was most upset the whole time, but after letting Zia feed her a bottle of expressed milk yesterday she now loves her auntie! Feeding is an interesting affair. She only wants the “good” side, but will drink the other if you trick her into it by using the football hold. I was never very good at this hold with Froglet, but am having to get used to it or risk being very lopsided for the next 9 months!

The potty training was abandoned for a while, as we wanted to concentrate on burping. Nutmeg is so very prone to spitting up, although she has good and bad days. Now we have started again and she seems not to be so keen. We will see how it goes – I only fell into it by accident in the first place so it doesn’t really matter if she loses interest.

Nutmeg had her first haircut today. I trimmed the back of her hair so it’s level with the new growth that’s coming through. It’s as dark as her baby hair was – I’m so happy! I always wanted dark (or red) hair as a child. She’ll probably wish hers was blond though.

Froglet and his sister get on very well. He is extremely sweet with her and she appears to worship the ground he walks on. When he comes near she willl turn her head and smile at him until he pays attention. She also loves going in the bath with him.

Things I especially love about our beautiful little darling:
– her sweet soft voice,
– her snuggly little body (Froglet was always very scrawny, so less snuggly),
– the way she started sleeping through the night quite early on (although now she’s sharing a room with us she’s stopped again!)
– her lovely eyes and hair
– her soft skin (Froglet had bad eczema)
– her pleasant character


2 responses to “Nutmeg

  1. Annette W. says:

    I saw your comment on ABC/123. Isn't it a great site?

    I also have a baby…Evan is 7 months. He has had MANY haircuts. My daughter is 2 1/2…and I will just say you are wise to cut it early. When Meghan was 14 or 15 months old, I had to cut a “tail” off her long hair. The tail was at least 3 inches long, but her hair was still long after that.

    Aren't babies the sweetest?

  2. yoongz says:

    She is just the cutest!

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