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Five things I love about you

on June 25, 2009

I haven’t really blogged about the Engineer before. There have been a lot of posts about fathers this week, as a result of Fathers Day, but we didn’t celebrate Fathers Day this year. In fact I don’t think we have ever celebrated it. The Engineer isn’t much of a one for celebrations – although he did get me a Mothers Day gift – and our country isn’t as big on Fathers Day as elsewhere in the world.

However, ABCand123’s picnic topic this week is Dads, which gives me an excellent opportunity to remedy all that in one fell swoop. But without photos. The Engineer isn’t big on publishing photos of himself. (He’s also not big on cheesiness, so the title of this post will make him laugh. Or cringe. But whatever – it is my blog after all).

Top five things that are wonderful about my childrens dad (in chronological order):

1. During both pregnancies he helped out with everything as he possibly could so I could rest – shopping, tidying, cleaning, cooking, taking Froglet out of the way, getting up early with him so I could lie in,… And then he was right beside me for both births. That’s at least 17 hours in hospital, plus 8 or so at home. Including an entire labour and birth without pain relief, and another where I was yelling at the midwife for not getting an epidural to me fast enough. He cut the cord for both babies. He gave Froglet his first bath. He was the first to be pooed on, by both his children.

2. He got up with me in the night to burp Froglet, who was the slowest burper ever and also the sickiest, and change his nappy. Every 3 hours. Even during the week. He never complained. Now he also gets up to fetch Nutmeg to me (as I’m deaf in one ear I don’t always hear her calling) and helps burp her too. And he never complains.

3. He brings home aircraft and car magazines for Froglet, and spends ages going through them with him and discussing the various planes and vehicles, explaining everything in words a three-year old can understand. Froglet keeps them all in his room, and looks at them by himself too. Sometimes he even explains them to me!

4. In the morning he gets Froglet’s breakfast before he goes to work, and reminds him to stay quiet and let Mummy sleep if I am sleeping. Then he comes home at a reasonable time every night – between four and half past five – and no matter how tired he is when he gets home, he always has time and patience for an excited three-year old who wants to jump all over him.

5. He backs me up when it comes to discipline. If Mummy said no, it is no. If he disagrees with something, we can talk about it in private later. I love that, and I think it’s good for Froglet to know he can’t play us against each other.

Bonus item: (Ok I couldn’t stop at 5!): when I feel down, he tells me I’m a good mother. And he makes me feel like I can cope again. That’s something every mum needs from the father of her children.


4 responses to “Five things I love about you

  1. Sounds like you wound up with a “gem” like myself:-)! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things about the “dad” in your family. I enjoyed reading!

  2. I love your last comment about him reminding you that you are a good mother. It is so great to have an encourager isn't it?
    I'm so glad you joined in our picnic table talk this week. It's fun to hear from Switzerland.

  3. Sorry, I posted that last comment from ABC, but it is from Katie (The List Maker one…)

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