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Baking this week: Nussheckli, or Swiss nut cookies

on June 30, 2009
I happened across these on the internet and the author asks not to be reproduced without permission so if you want the exact recipe please visit her own blog. She has a photo too, so you can compare!

I’ll just say that the basic ingredients are nuts, sugar, eggs and flour. These seem to be the main ingredients in a lot of Swiss recipes! These cookies caught my eye because they claim to be native to our canton. I’ve never seen them or heard of them but that means nothing as we have few local Swiss friends – most are immigrants from other cantons. So Froglet and I thought we’d make a half-quantity in case we didn’t like them…

Mixing – Pretty round and heart-shaped balls – Um…???

We don’t think they were supposed to all run together like that. Maybe we should have spaced them further apart, or most likely my measuring was at fault. Swiss recipes seem to need precision – well they are Swiss after all! As we don’t own a weighing scale, and I seldom have all the ingredients that I need, my baking usually goes something like “100 g – let’s say a cup – of flour or sugar. 100 g – roughly half a cup – of butter. Chopped nuts? We’ve got ground nuts, that’ll do. Eggs can be replaced with bananas*…” and so on. I did not replace the eggs in this recipe though – pretty sure that wouldn’t work!

The finished product:

Not quite how they’re meant to look! But still tasty.

*A vegan friend taught us this. The ratio is one well-mashed banana for two eggs, if the eggs are mainly being used to bind rather than to raise (and you don’t mind the taste of bananas, of course). Try making banana bread or chocolate cake with this substitution, it’s yummy! Excellent way of using up those going-black bananas that no one wants to eat. You can also use apple sauce, I think it’s 1/4 cup for one egg, but I prefer banana.

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5 responses to “Baking this week: Nussheckli, or Swiss nut cookies

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad to meet you. My husband and I love SZ…we spent 3 days last summer visiting friends in Zurich. We stayed at a wonderful B&B on Zurich Ze. We also went to Lucerne and saw the castle. We ate lots of Luxembergeli chocolates and Muesli every day. Those are some of my best memories 🙂

    sending SITS luv…

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Those still look very tasty!

  3. yoongz says:

    Looks yummy! i want some 😉

  4. These really do look tasty and with lots of texture–texture is key for me in cookies:-). I will be trying these!

    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing this recipe today!!

  5. These look SO yum! Mmmn!

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