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Meal of the week – pasta salad and milkshake

on July 2, 2009
Our favourite meal this week is sweet chilli salad and mango milkshake.

The salad is my adaptation of a recipe from a Nicola Graimes cookbook called Baby & Toddler Meal Planner, which I can wholeheartedly recommend, but which unfortunately appears no longer to be available new. ISBN 1842732471, in case anyone wants it. She has many other books though.

The original recipe involves red pesto rather than chilli, but we prefer this.

Sweet chilli salad

Cherry tomatoes – 10
Red bell pepper – 1/2
(Sweetcorn – 2 tbsp)
Pasta (we used shell pasta) – 250 g
Ham (or chopped cooked frankfurters) – 6 slices
Plain yoghurt or mayonnaise – 2 tbsp
Ketchup or tomato paste – 2 tsp
Thai sweet chilli sauce, to taste!

Quantities are an estimate of what I use for three people, but you’ll need to adapt it to suit your own appetite. We are not big fans of sweetcorn so I normally leave that out.

Cook pasta, rinse in cold water and drain. Meanwhile, quarter tomatoes and dice pepper. Chop up ham. Mix all together and add chilli sauce until desired taste/spiciness is achieved. Enjoy!

Mango milkshake

Most of a mango (because your child ate some while you were chopping it up!)
Milk (about 600-700 ml)
Vanilla ice-cream

Put mango, milk and ice-cream into a blender or jug with handheld blender. Froglet likes to help me with this, under strict hands-on supervision of course. Blend. Serve!

The ice-cream makes the shake properly cold and thick. You could leave it out and use frozen mango instead, or just fresh mango if you prefer a runnier shake. You could probably also replace the milk with juice of some sort to make a smoothie. We make a lot of milkshakes in summer here, it’s a great way to help get your five a day.

3 responses to “Meal of the week – pasta salad and milkshake

  1. Ms Cupcake says:

    Morning! Now following your blog.

    Checking in from sits. The big holiday weekend is almost here!

    Ms Cupcake
    Zen Cupcake

  2. Anythng with vanilla ice cream has to be good! Have a great Fireworks Eve! Just stopping by from SITS to say HI.

  3. yoongz says:

    YUMMY!!! Can i request for this meal when we come visit next time? hehheee 😉
    btw Graimes has many many other cookbooks some of which are really interesting – i found 92 of her books on Amazon – so check it out.
    i use another book with the same title but by Annabel Karmel – i love it & still use it today.

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