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My son

on July 6, 2009

I have been reading on Blue Cotton Memory’s blog and came across this post called Mother Words. Now you have to know that I had a really awful day on Friday. I’m not sure why, but this often seems to happen when I try to get things done. Being very task-oriented, wanting to get things done stresses me out because people keep getting in the way. By people I mean my beautiful children, mostly. So although I can’t put my finger on anything in particular that was really bad, and can think of a lot of things that were nice, I came out of it feeling really tired and cross with the kids, and fraught.

(Fraught. That’s a good word, isn’t it? My mother used it a lot when I was little. She had four of us, so that’s probably why!)

Anyway I had this awful day and then I came across the afore-mentioned post and so I thought yeah, I should try to see the good side of my lovely boy. Because he is lovely. Like right now he is doing something quietly elsewhere. I love it when that happens. (Hopefully it doesn’t mean he’s doing something dodgy!)

My boy’s love language appears to be words of encouragement, like me. This is the child who will of his own accord notice me wearing something new, and say, without being prompted “what a pretty skirt Mummy, don’t you look pretty in that skirt.” Who voluntarily says “I like you Mummy. Especially when you’re cross with me.” (He means “except”. We’re working on it!) He is so sweet.

He’s very snuggly, and very good-tempered most of the time. (This also annoys me sometimes. There’s nothing like shouting at someone who listens quietly and then goes off happily singing to himself as if nothing had just happened!) And he still thinks his sister is adorable, even after 5 months.

Look, there they are.

Anyway, coming back to the post I mentioned before. She talks about looking at your child’s annoying traits and seeing what good there is in them.

Well, my son doesn’t listen. I guess it’s sometimes because he is focusing so much on what he’s doing that he isn’t paying attention to anything else. Hey, he sounds like me as a kid. And sometimes it’s because he’s already on his feet running to do the first half of what you’re saying, without waiting for the second half. He’s actually very helpful like that. I can’t remember when I last washed out Nutmeg’s potty, he usually does it for me while I’m putting her new nappy on.

He can’t stop when you say stop. If I hear him banging a door and call “Leave it”, it carries on banging until I actually advance on him menacingly, at which point he will explain “I’m just trying to make it stay closed” (this happened on Friday too). Maybe he’s task-oriented like his mother? I guess that could be good in some ways, like when he needs to do homework when he’s bigger.

And he can’t be quiet for very long. This is one of the reasons my other blog is called I Need A Garden – I need one for him, not just the plants! He charges up and down our living room like a mad thing knocking over anything that gets near him. But at least he’s never going to get fat. He’s climbing on the back of my chair, singing in German and exhorting me to come on, thing I am singing to, as I type. So I had better do so.


One response to “My son

  1. yoongz says:

    Well, i've learnt in the past 6 months or so that every character trait has a +ve & -ve sides – so we need to look at the +ve side of it & try & steer them towards that side as they are all still in the “mouldable” stage.

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