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Open Ended Art – yellow collage

on July 30, 2009


Click here to see what everyone else did for OEA!

Not only did we start on this late, but it was not a very auspicious beginning:

After your milkshake, would you like to do a collage?
What’s a collage?
It’s when I give you glue and paper and you do some sticking.
No. I want to drink my milkshake.
Of course, but when you’ve finished your milkshake?
No. I want to play in my house.
How about if I give you the paper and you can stick it to your house?
Hmm. No.

Ah. So I tried again after the milkshake:

Would you like to do some sticking now?
Not even if Mummy comes and watches you?
Yeah! Sure! Sure!

Bingo. Must remember to specify that first, next time!

Here’s what he did before getting bored:

Click on the photo to get a closer look

An advert for the local bus service, fireworks, Swiss flag with yellow cheese cross (from a magazine). It’s Swiss national day soon, can you tell? Also an old handprint and a bunch of the sticky-backed plastic that we used in our OEA with paint last time! Which is why those bits are yellow… and in fact he had already added them to the house, when it was still just an Ikea cardboard box.

To use up the leftover glue, I made serendipity squares – first time I’ve made them. They’re not quite finished yet so no photos. But here’s my lovely boy in his newly decorated house instead!

The handprint is one we made for party invitations back when he was turning one!

8 responses to “Open Ended Art – yellow collage

  1. Zonnah says:

    Very cute! I laughed at the narrative 🙂

  2. Nadia says:

    lol your son is hilarious…

    i guess some kids like to paint and some to stick.. my son seems to love sticking more than painting

  3. So cute – I loved the exchange. And the last picture in a newly decorated “house” is priceless.

  4. Great idea to make a collage on his “house”! I love the pictures! What are serendipity squares?

  5. Hey there..Thanks for the award! I can't make a comment on that post, I don't know why =( Anyways, really appreciate the award! It made me smile! =) Are you still up to hosting Jógvan the bear? He is going to Finland on Monday, and he might visit you soon after that..if you are ready, that is. I'll need your address though. Can you please send it to ershinta_quo (at) yahoo(dot)com ? Thanks!!

  6. Hey girl!
    Thanks for your message on my blog! I've arranged for the teddy bear to be sent to a girl in Switzerland before it is sent to you. So should get it towards the end of August. Is that ok? Thanks!

  7. LOVE this post! We love cardboard houses in our home! Hey, it's yellow and it's a collage and I think he did an awesome job–very creative take on your collage!!

  8. Pam says:

    Stopped by from SITS. Oh how fun! Brings back so many memories! My daughter's favorite toy when she was small was always a big box.

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