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Lent Bible readings v 2.0

on January 13, 2013

I posted my original set of Lent Bible readings for children here back in 2010, and thought now might be a good time to update. Last year we shuffled it all around a bit to include stuff Nutmeg and Froglet don’t know as much about and leave out the stories they already have on their bookshelves. I know it’s a bit early to post about it, but I wanted to get it down somewhere so I can recycle the piece of paper I have been keeping the details on since last year!

Page numbers refer to The Children’s (Good News) Bible, edited by David Edwards, as that’s what I use because of Guido Bertolli’s lovely illustrations – see picture, courtesy of amazon. But I’ve included chapter and verse for everyone else. The references jump between books a bit as I’ve tried to pick the same segments used by Mr Edwards. They aren’t in chronological order, but begin with things Jesus did and then move on to things Jesus taught, followed by the Easter story.

I have included Sundays in our reading schedule, so below are the 39 days leading up to Holy Week, and then Holy Week itself, counting down to Easter Sunday. There are paragraph breaks before each Sunday, to help you keep track. This year Lent begins on Wednesday, February 13th.

1. The Baptism of Jesus Mtt: 3: 13-17
2. The Temptation of Christ Mtt 4:1-11
3. Jesus calls 4 Fishermen Mk 1:14-20
4. A man with an evil spirit Mk 1:21-28

5. Jesus heals many people Mk 1:29-34
6. Jesus preaches in Galilee and makes a leper clean Mk 1:35-45
7. Jesus heals a paralysed man Mk 2:1-12
8. Jesus calls Matthew Mtt 9:9-13
9. Jesus chooses the apostles, and his mother and brothers: Mk 4: 13-21 and 31-35
10. Jesus rejected at Nazareth Luke 4: 16-30
11. Jesus heals a Roman officer’s servant Luke 7:1-10

12. Jesus raises a widow’s son Luke 7:11-16
13. Jesus and Simon the Pharisee Luke 7: 36-50
14. Jesus heals a boy with an evil spirit Mark 9: 14-29
15. Jesus calms a storm Mark 4: 35-41
16. Jesus heals the man with Legion Mark 5: 1-20
17. Jairus’s daughter and the woman with the issue of blood Mark 5:21-43
18. The feeding of the 5000 Mark 6:31-44

19. Jesus walks on the water Mark 6:45-52
20. A woman’s faith Mark 7:24-30
21. Deaf and dumb man Mark 7:31-37
22. Jesus on loving enemies (p.227) Matthew 5:43-48
23. Jesus on prayer (p.228) Matthew 6:5-13
24. Jesus on possessions (p.229) Matthew 6:24-34
25. Ask, seek, knock (p.230) Matthew 7:7-12

26. The Greatest Commandment (p.233) Matthew 22:34-40
27. Who do you say that I am? (p. 238) Matthew 16:13-20
28. Jesus speaks about his death Mark 8:31-9:1
29. The Transfiguration Mark 9:2-13
30. Who is the greatest? Mark 9:33-37
31. Jesus blesses the children Mark 10:13-16
32. The Rich Man Mark 10:17-25

33. Sending the 72, and their return Luke 10:1-12, 17-20
34. Jesus heals a sick man Luke 14:1-6
35. Humility and hospitality Luke 14:7-14
36. Mary and Martha Luke 10:38-42
37. James and John’s request Mark 10:35-45
38. The blind beggar Luke 18:35-43
39. Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-10

Holy Week:
Palm Sunday: The Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem Mark 11: 1-11
Monday: Jesus goes to the Temple Mark 11:15-19
Tuesday: By whose authority? and the plot against Jesus (p.254 and 257) Mark 11:27-33
Wednesday: Jesus in Bethany, and Judas Mark 14: 3-11
Thursday: From the Passover through to Peter’s denial Mark 14:12-72
Good Friday: Jesus before Pilate through to the burial Mark 15 (see footnote!)
Saturday: “On the Sabbath they rested, as the law commanded” – Luke 23:56; you could also read Exodus 20:8-11
Easter Sunday: The Resurrection John 20:1-29

Footnote: The Children’s Bible has amalgamated all the different Gospel accounts of the crucifixion into one, so that it includes Jesus telling John that he is now Mary’s son, the insults of the crowd, Jesus’ promise to the criminal that they would be together in Paradise, and so on. Ditto for the Resurrection account.


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