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100 Happy Days – day 13

on April 16, 2014

100 Happy Days - day 13

It’s a no-make-up selfie! I have no idea whether selfies are supposed to be allowed in the 100 happy days thing. Also, I virtually never wear make-up anyway. To the extent that I’m actually struggling to remember when I last did! Definitely at my sister’s wedding 18 months ago, and I think I’ve worn it since but can’t think what for.
Anyway… the reason this is a happy thing for me is that I’m growing my fringe out and as a result I currently sport a heavy nineties fringe which I have to use a hair-dryer to curl under to keep it out of my eyes. (I never used to use a hair-dryer at all)
It actually looks better on me now than it did in the nineties.
You’ll notice I’ve cunningly taken this photo from above because apparently women look prettier in photos taken from above. And in case anyone was wondering where the rest of my hair is, it’s just long enough to go in a sort of ponytail at the back, and I haven’t brushed it yet so that’s where most of it is. 🙂


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