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100 Happy Days – day 18

on April 21, 2014

I didn’t take photos yesterday. On Saturday we actually went to the history museum in Luzern. It was cheap – 5 CHF each for the adults, children go free if accompanied by an adult – but we didn’t find it very interesting. A lot of glass cases just lined up, with some things in drawers which Nutmeg enjoyed pulling out to see. There were three floors of that, with a sort of well connecting them down the middle, also full of glass cases. I didn’t like the well at all due to my fear of heights, but fortunately it wasn’t visible from everywhere.

Some of the things were interesting but it was hard to find them. The Engineer and I spent some time looking at an explanation of how coins developed, but the children didn’t like that. At the entrance they gave us little scanners, like you might have in a supermarket, and all the exhibits had barcodes rather than signs, so you could just zap the barcode you were interested in. That was kind of unusual, but I prefer the signs. Perhaps I’m too old fashioned! (At not-quite-35!)

The best thing there was probably the special exhibition, organised by the Swiss library of sounds, I’ve forgotten what they’re called now. That had several different rooms playing different things, some of which you could hear directly you entered the room, and others which you had to plug in headphones for. The children enjoyed listening to music from different years – they found our birth years and their own. I got something by Mendelssohn, which was unexpected (by me at least). And the Engineer and I played with a match-the-face-to-the-voice thing, where you would click on a number and it would play part of a speech or performance, and you had to work out which face on the second set of buttons was the one speaking. Some were famous enough for us to know them, but most we’d never heard of, not being Swiss. And then there was a nice room where you could sit and hear background sounds from different parts of Switzerland – cowbells, trains, crows and so on. We had fun trying to work out where we “were”!

That exhibition made it worth the 5 CHF, for me, but as that’s just temporary, I can’t really recommend the museum itself. Unless of course the special exhibitions are always good. I expect we will go again at some point and see if that is the case. So I’d say it’s a good thing to do if you’re in Luzern and short of cash and it’s raining and you’ve already seen the Gletscherhaus. Otherwise, just go for a walk along the beautiful lake front!


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