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Best mom in the world, on the i-phone (reblog)

Best mom in the world, on the i-phone (reblog)

“And so, Mom on the iPhone, I say carry on. You’re showing your kids how a person can love them fully, take good care of them, get them out and about on a beautiful day, while still being successful in other arenas and managing her other responsibilities, and even take a few minutes to do something that she simply enjoys, just for herself. You have my respect and support.”

Read the whole thing at the link. Beautiful.

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Rob Bell… any thoughts?

I know many people out there dislike Rob Bell intensely and think he’s a heretic. Their number may, perhaps, be equalled by those who are huge fans, own all his published works and listen to his Sunday sermons through the internet.

I fall into neither of those camps. I came across Rob Bell through my parents, who showed us one of his DVDs – not the short Nooma ones, but the longer live show ones – which The Engineer and I liked very much and subsequently purchased along with another one of his. I also hear about him, occasionally, on Brian McLaren’s blog, which I follow. But I have never read anything of his, until now.

With all the uproar about the new book, I was intrigued, not sufficiently to acquire a copy, but sufficiently to get involved in several discussions on Facebook. But in the end, after getting tired of seeing article after article, on this blog and that, lambasting the poor man without actually having read what he had to say, I decided perhaps a purchase was in order. Since we like his spoken style (and have heard “interesting” things about how that looks in writing) we decided to go for the audiobook, read by himself, and so far we’ve not been disappointed. I also like audiobooks read by the author because you can be sure that what you “hear” in your mind is what they actually meant. Or at least, surer than if you were merely reading words on paper.

I’m not going to blog about it on here – maybe the occasional thought but not much – but if you have thoughts or would like to read more of my thoughts I’d love you to pop across to my dad’s new blog where he is musing about his own responses and where I also comment, sometimes at length. (Surprise surprise!)

Here’s what he has to say about his blog:

I’ve never been one for journaling and although I use Facebook I’ve not blogged either. But earlier this month I joined a discussion – a series of messages really – started by my daughter on Facebook and found I had a lot of thoughts. My brother joined in too and the discussion became rather long. So I thought: “A blog is the place for this.” And here we are!

I’m sure he’d be happy to receive comments. And so would I – here or there!

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Blogs I like

This year we are trying to simplify, scale back and other similar-sounding things.
One of the ways we’re doing this is by not buying anything other than what we need (raising the interesting question of what exactly does constitute a need and what a mere desire).

Another way, for me personally, is by scaling back my blog-reading. I have found that with a newly-toddling eats-everything baby and a very wriggly 4 year old I’m not getting any chance to do crafts, so I have removed from my blog-roll a bunch of the craftier blogs along with those whose headlines I tend to peruse without actually reading the post itself. This should save time when I am taking a few minutes to glance through my reading list. However, I don’t want to forget where those blogs are in case one day I do have time for crafts, or need an idea. After all, Froglet starts school in August and by then Nutmeg may be interested in messy things to do with Mummy! So here they are: 4 crazy kings Across the page Adventures of a Flake Baby Makin(g) Machine Chronicle of an infant bibliophile Growing and Learning by Leaps and bounds Mommy’s little artist Muffin Tin Mom Raising Smart Girls Filth wizardry

I now only have 17 (!) blogs on my bloglist. Several of these only post once a week or less, others are still worth my time because they provide specific wisdom, encouragement or help with what I’m dealing with right now. To all the ones I’ve had to set aside (for now!) as well as to all those I’m still reading – THANK YOU!

And a very Happy New Year.

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Future projects

In no particular order, here are some of the things I’ve found around the blogosphere and want to try with Froglet:

Make your own CD case
Felted Christmas baubles
Curly plate Christmas trees
Cornstarch colour mixing
Ice jewels
Salt Crystal paint
Natural Easter Egg dyes
Drinking Straw Truck
Blow painting
Bathtime paints

Also Wee Folk Art has some cute patterns for dolls and gnomes and autumn-y things, like this mini pumpkin patch

And has lots of ideas to replace TV during TV turnoff week… which is next week already!

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An award!

I was really flattered to receive the following award from Susana at Our Homeschool Fun last week. Susana writes a fantastic blog full of interesting tips and ideas and all the things she’s done with her three children – soon to be four! and I am amazed she finds time to do it all, on top of homeschooling and housekeeping. If you don’t know her already, and you have a minute, stop by there.

To accept the award, I have to pass it on to 15 blogs that I have newly discovered and enjoy reading. I’ve put something about each one so you can see if any spark your interest.

Godspace – my favourite – currently running a series called “what is a spiritual practice?” and accepting submissions for it. Check her out!
Yummy Mammy – life as a single mum in another country, trying to move home.
Future Mama is learning about babies, pregnancy and the like, writing funny stuff and hosting cool giveaways.
Blue Cotton Memory has five boys, some grown up already, and a lot of wisdom to share.
Down to earth is all about gardening and making things at home, simply. Great recipes and ideas.
Filth Wizardry – Full of fun, messy ideas for kids!
Hans and Shinta live in the Faroe Islands. Never heard of it? It’s between Denmark and Iceland. Go have a look, she’s organising a round-the-world trip for a toy bear for a sick child – perhaps you’d like to host him?
The Artful Parent – the title is self-explanatory, I think.
Traveling the Blogosphere – featuring lots of different blogs from around the world. Lovely.
Wise Craft – has a lovely fabric flower tutorial which is on my to-do list! and lots of other things.
Unplug Your Kids – currently on holiday but usually full of ideas.
Your Cool Friend Cheryl – cool and funny. Kids and crafts.
Five Orange Potatoes – this site has everything, but I love it because of the garden and flower related stuff. Oh, and the activities. And…
4 Crazy Kings – Where I get lots of craft ideas!
Steadfast At Home – I love her thoughts about being feminine (which I’m not!) And about her garden.


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