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Football – last one!

Ok, I really, really want to know what possessed Zidane to headbutt an opposing player (when neither of them was on the ball either). I want to know what was said to him to make the veteran football player and team captain react so strongly. You just don’t get to be captain by being easily provoked… and provoked to such an extent too!

He’s going to be kicking himself if they lose on penalties now.
Edited: Kicking himself now they have in fact lost on penalties… and his team mates are going to be wanting an explanation too. Although I think it’s nice for Italy to win given the situation with their national league.

ETA: Zizou won the golden ball!!!! Well that’s got to make him feel better. 2012 points (the runner-up got 1977). Amazing, I thought he’d have missed out for sure what with the losing his rag and all.

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Protected: footie again – words cannot express how pleased I am

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More footie

Quote from yesterday: I can’t even say I hope Brazil wipes the floor with them because if there’s one team that’s worse than Portugal and Italy for cheating, it’s Brazil! (ah… just realised France has yet to play Brazil… in that case I hope France wipe the floor with Brazil and then with Portugal).

Muahahahahaha France won. 🙂

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Footie (soccer)

I’m watching the england match, and although I don’t particularly like England (I know I know, very unpatriotic of me), I have to say that the Portugal team could very well give the Italians a run for their money in the new Olympic sport of diving one of you mentioned recently. And Cristiano Ronaldo would do well to move to Real Madrid next year, for his own health.

football rant on terrible refereeing

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