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100 Happy Days – day 10

100 Happy Days - day 10

Wow, I’ve actually kept this up for ten days already. Today the Engineer had to work (the joys of running your own company whilst also working nearly full-time for someone else) so the children and I went to church, then cycled all the way to the Schützenhaus and back. Or at least Nutmeg did, which is the furthest she’s been on her bike. Froglet went all the way to the next village along and still caught us up before we got home. And I didn’t cycle, I walked. Then the children chopped apples for me to make crumble with.

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100 Happy Days – day 9


Today we went to the Gletschergarten – the Glacier Garden in Lucern. They have this delightful mirror maze, and also a whole bunch of exhibitions about the past of Luzern, glacier formation and currently avalanches. Really worth a trip, our kids loved it.

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100 Happy Days – day 8

100 Happy Days - day 8

Isn’t this a lovely forget-me-not? I thought it was the first flower in my garden this year, blooming all by itself there, but I forgot the white alyssum that self-seeds every year underneath the raspberry canes and flowers the second it has a day of sunshine, or so it seems.
This one has grown itself from seed too. I do like plants you don’t have to do anything to! The same window-box also holds Edelweiss (not pictured) which appears to die every year but then rises again from the dry leaves and old flower heads – and as you can see, a lot of moss. I like the moss because I figure it makes it harder for the greenfly to tell where the “good” plants are, although I don’t know for sure whether that’s really the case.
I’m sure there’ll be more on forget-me-nots later on, as loads of them are coming up in this box.

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100 Happy Days – Day 7

100 Happy Days - Day 7

This was going to be a photo of my jars (and freshly tidied work surface…) because I love those jars. Seeing them makes me happy every day.
But a small person decided that now was the best possible time to line up Lego people on the counter and ask which I liked best. The one with the grey (Dumbledore!) hair and Cleopatra dress, for the record. And so it turns out that no photo is really complete without something of my kids in it.

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A petition to FIFA – no slavery in our World Cup!

I’m not a soccer fan as such, but my father in law, husband and son all are. We are sure to be watching the World Cup in Brazil this year.
But can you believe that “Since 2012, roughly 900 workers have already been killed working on infrastructure for the World Cup [in Qatar], astronomically more than have died in any construction project in recent history. ” And that by 2022, thousands more may have died? And that many of these workers are effectively enslaved (passports removed and so forth)? And that FIFA have said nothing about this outrage?

We all think that if we had lived back in the days of slavery, we’d have sided with William Wilberforce (or insert a suitable abolitionist for your nationality here) and worked hard and campaigned to have slavery eradicated. But it hasn’t been eradicated yet – it’s still, shamefully, going on among us today – this is just one example. It shouldn’t be happening, but since it is, here’s our chance to stand with anti-slavery campaigners such as Stop the Traffik and make a difference.

If you have a minute, please sign the petition at this link. It states:

PETITION TO FIFA: Speak out against the atrocious labor abuses and needless deaths of migrant workers in Qatar, and call on the World Cup organizers there to improve conditions and compensate the victims’ families if they want the tournament to go forward.

Please also consider sharing the link with your followers, retweeting it and so on.

If you have more than a minute, you can read the Guardian article on the subject, or Amnesty International’s documents about Qatar. Or what FIFA itself has said about it… which isn’t much at all but still, in the interests of fairness…

Here’s the petition link again:
And there’s also a different one here.

No slavery in our World Cup!

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100 Happy Days, day 6


My boy cycling to school by himself. Turns out it’s 2.2 miles, one way. So proud of him!

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100 Happy Days, day 5


Froglet reading Nutmeg a story he wrote at school, in German. Below is the story. The prompt is in italics.

Eine Reise mit meinem Zauberschuh
Was für ein wunderbarer Zauberschuh!
Mit meinem Zauberschuh kann ich überall hinreisen. Ich muss mir nur etwas ausdenken – und schon beginnt die Reise.
Ich reise mit meinem Zauberschuh nach Lego-City.
Es hat Lego-Autos, Lego-LKWs, Lego-Flugzeuge und Lego-Häuser.
Plötzlich sagt ein Mann zu mir: “Hej! Hol ein Auto bei der Garage, sie sind gratis!”
Sofort hole ich mir eins.
Nach zwei Tagen find ich ein Haus und wohne in Lego-City mein ganzes Leben lang.

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100 Happy Days – day 4


Wild flowers brought by my lovely daughter and son. Translation near-finished, good friend seen.

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100 Happy Days – day 3

Now I’m up to date! Today, we visited the Transport museum, where the children have been begging for a go on the little steam train for ages. We also had a look at the Hans Erni museum, which is included in the ticket price (we have a yearly membership though). IMG_0176_resized

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100 Happy Days – day 2


We went to the Picasso museum (Rosengart), where we were not allowed to take pictures. The guide there was very kind and encouraged us to imagine our own stories to go with the art!
Then we finished decorating the church for spring. Cherry blossoms and daffodils (not pictured).

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